Monday Nails and 4 Months

Good morning beauties. Only 4 months and 3 weeks remaining for 2018. Can you believe it? I realised this last week. I think the older one gets the quicker the years fly by - or is it only me? For those of you who had New Year’s resolutions, hope you achieved some goals. I know things... Continue Reading →


Aveeno Active Naturals

Hi beauties. This is another review. Aveeno was heaven-sent. Rubybox your timing was perfect. Thank you. I never had dry skin, but since the water restriction in Cape Town, my skin became very dry. Taking a shower day and night dried my skin. I miss taking long bubble baths. My face is a bit oily.... Continue Reading →

Dove One Wash Challenge

Hi beautiful people. Firstly, this post is long overdue. Apologies for being scarce, but flu season is upon us peeps and it got me bad this time. But I'm feeling myself again. Blah Blah Blah, enough about the flu, lol. Let’s get started with this review. My before and after pictures are posted below. Beauty... Continue Reading →

Kindness Is Free

Hi everyone. Today is the last day for this challenge. 3rd Day, 3rd Quote. Challenge details are found on the 1st post. You can check my 2nd quote here. I must say this challenge was inspiring for me. I chose motivational quotes, it was much needed. This is certainly not the last quote I’ll be... Continue Reading →

Build Your Own Dream

Hi everyone. This is my 2nd quote for the challenge. The rules for this challenge is posted on the previous post, you can check it out here. IF YOU DON'T BUILD YOUR DREAM, SOMEONE WILL HIRE YOU TO HELP BUILD THEIRS - Tony Gaskins Jr. Today's quote is 100% true. And sad at the same... Continue Reading →

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