Kiss Lemon Brightening Sheet Mask

Hello Beautiful people.

Hope all is good and well.

Yes, I’m still alive. I know it’s been a while since I have posted, but we’ll discuss that in another post.

Today I’m reviewing the Kiss Lemon Brightening Mask. Purchased on the Foschini Beauty website for only R33.


Lemon does help with brightening the skin and lighten dark spots, hence the reason why I purchased the mask. And it is affordable. I’ve actually purchase two masks, but the 2nd one I’ll review in a few weeks.

Let’s get to the review.

The direction to use:

1. Gently unfold mask and apply sheet to face
2. Relax for 15 minutes
3. Remove mask
4. Massage remaining product into your skin.

I must add I loved the smell, had a ‘clean’ smell.

Did it work?

For me, yes. I did see a slight difference. So, I would purchase it again and try the other masks.

Please note that this is not recommended for sensitive skin. This is stated on the package, which I only read afterwards. I took my chance and the outcome was good.

Don’t mind the hair and puffy tired eyes. lol.
After using the mask. I forgot to take a before picture.


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Till next time

Leniq XO

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