Faithful to Nature Haul

Hi beautiful people

How are you doing?

I am feeling good. The only thing I feel bad about is the fact that I’ve been spending less time on my blog. But I’m working on some great content. Please bear with me. And as mentioned on my previous blog, my day job is keeping me busy as well. I know you guys understand, you’re the best. That is enough about me. Let’s get to the haul.


This was my first buy on Faithful-to-Nature. Faithful-to-Nature is an online health shop. I’ve placed my order on Thursday 06/09/2018, and the package was delivered on Monday 10/09/2018. I am very impressed so far. Check it out, it is affordable and a wide variety of products are available. When you register for an account you’ll get R100 off your first order when you spend R350 or more.

Below are the products that I’ve purchased. Included are 2 samples.

Mint Dark Chocolate – This is a mini slab. Mint is my old time favorite choc.


Pineapple and Guava Snack – Need I say more, sound delicious.


Strawberry Peelers – Can’t wait to try this.


Nakd. Blueberry Muffin Bar – I’ve read the reviews and apparently it taste exactly like blueberry muffin. Hmm.


Popcorn – Curry Flavor – This is going to be my first curry flavor popcorn.

Yogi Chai Spiced Tea

Naartjie Bites


Down To Earth Skincare Revive Moisture – I’ll do a mini review on this once tested.


Raw Macadamias


Thank you Faithful-to-Nature for my extra spoils.

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Till next time.

Leniq XOXO


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