My Wish List – Fashion and Beauty

Hi my beautiful friends.

How are you?

I’m doing well, although I’m feeling a bit exhausted. And I’m looking forward to the weekend. On Saturday I’m working till 1PM, thereafter I’m going to relax at home, doing absolutely nothing. On Sunday we’re going to Ratanga – Ratanga is closing down for good after Sunday. But let us not dwell on that for now. Let me stop rambling and get to the post.

My wish list is long overdue. My last list was posted in December 2017 – My Christmas wish list. So it’s been a while.

There are only 6 items listed – a mixture of beauty and fashion.

1st on my list is this gorgeous GUESS Handbag. Guys, this was love at first site, lol. Available on SPREE. Isn’t she lovely?

Over the knee boots – I always wanted over-the-knee boots. It must be ‘wider calve’ boots specifically. So, if you have any suggestions for where I can purchase wider calve boots, please let me know.

Denim Jacket – This is a must in every closet. I only have 1 denim jacket with 3/4 sleeves. So this is much needed.

Yardley Raincoat Mascara – I have read only good reviews for this mascara. Iโ€™m definitely going to try this. And it is waterproof.

FLEXITARIAN Super Shock Highlighter – This is from Colourpop. Recommended by one of my favorite Youtubers Alex. Currently sold out on the Colourpop website.

And lastly on my list is yellow nail polish. I have no specific brand in mind. Any suggestions..?

That is it from me.

What is on your list? Please share in the comment section.

And please follow me onย Instagram.

Till next time.

Leniq XO

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