Easter Makeup Look

Hi beautiful people.

How are your doing?

I’m all good and well. This is going to be a very short post guys, so I’m apologising in advance. I’ve decided to do a fun Easter inspired makeup look. Again, I’m still learning with my makeup application and such. But if you have ANY makeup tips for beginners, please share πŸ™‚

The products I’ve used:

For my eyes I have used the Colours Cosmetics palette, Yardley High Definition mascara and Elizabeth Arden eyeliner. For my cheeks I’ve used Wet n Wild Rainbow highlighter. Foundation is Maybelline Superstay 24. And on my lips are Colour Cosmetics liquid lipstick in the colour Fuschia.

I think this makeup look can pass as a Unicorn inspired look as well. What do you think? Dont forget to share your tips.

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Till next time

Leniq XO

13 thoughts on “Easter Makeup Look

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  1. Yah exactly i was gonna say a unicorn look. It’s really fresh, and the blends of color is great. I love the lip color and the brow for someone like me that loves a bushy brow (i hardly shape) i think you should use a gel masacara to groom it before filling. I love this look and you just inspired me tp try it next.

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