My Valetine Nails

Hi everyone

So I’ve been thinking what color I should paint my nails for Valentine’s Day. At first I wanted the traditional red and white. But changed my mind at last minute.

I decided to go with the Wet n Wild nail polish. Unfortunately the shade name wasn’t on the bottle or maybe it’s me being blind. Not sure. Also, I added nail tattoos I bought a few months ago.

Who said Valentine’s Day consist of ONLY red and white hey.

I applied two coats to give it that extra shine. In my option this is a perfect color for winter and autumn.

The nail tattoo is very easy to apply. See below for instructions:

  1. Apply polish, let dry.
  2. Peel off clear layer and place tattoo face down onto nail
  3. Dab tattoo with wet sponge/towel, wet thoroughly.
  4. Hold sponge/towel for 20/30 seconds and gently remove paper backing. And seal with top coat.

I just wanted to share my nail color of choice with you guys. Did you paint your nails recently? Let me know which color.

Enjoy your Tuesday.

Leniq XO




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