My Younger Years

Happy February everyone.

Finally January is over, I’m so happy. My January was crazy, I tell you. But I’ll get into that some other time…

It’s a new day, it’s new month and I’m feeling good :).

So recently, I’ve been thinking what I would do differently if I could turn back the time and also to which age I’d turn it back to. This immediately reminded me of the movie ’13 going on 30′, one of my favorites. And I’d go back to 12 where one was still so innocent. You know, those innocent crushes at school and silly fall-outs we had with our besties/siblings.

Our choices back then didn’t have much consequences, except for those hidings of course. I remember our (brother and I) last hiding from my mother, instead of crying we burst out laughing. And she joined in on the laughter. My childhood was the best years, full of laughter and love, no stress. My parents always did their best, there was always food on the table and a warm bed to sleep in. My grandparents also played an incredible role in my life. I’m so very grateful.

The teachers in school always reminded us to enjoy our school years, because once you’re a grown-up there’s no turning back. And here I am, a grown woman writing this post, in reality knowing very well we can’t go back in time, lol.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed my childhood/teenage years. This was just a thought that came to mind.

Below I have 12 pointers. Things I would’ve done a bit differently or even taken a little bit more seriously in my younger years. Here goes…

Be more positive
Focus more on school work
Be healthier and fit (no, not on a diet, just more health conscious)
Make more time for family
Dream big
Work hard
Being motivated
Spending more time with my grandparents
Not wasting precious time
Be confident
Do research on interests
Follow my dreams

Which age would you go back to?

I apologize if this post was all over the place :).

Hope you enjoyed.

Till next time.
Leniq OX

24 thoughts on “My Younger Years

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  1. Trying to find out what we are gonna do with our lives, growing hobbies, taking up new interests is one of the best part of still being in childhood. I am not a child anymore, just 18 and I believe I still have time for these. Ofcourse we need to appreciate our growing years for they shape us to what we become. 🙂 :0 This was a great read. 🙂 Thank you for sharing your experiences. 🙂

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  2. Your blog is bursting with youth, humor, wisdom and excitement about life. Ahhhh, I remember! I’ll let you in on the secret that if you hang in and keep busy while life throws you its good and bad stuff, you’ll emerge from it still joyful. At least true for me!

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  3. The past is the past and I don’t regret anything. It got me to where I am now, and my childhood was pretty good overall. It’s interesting how we look at the past with nostalgia but didn’t necessarily enjoy it then.

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  4. Great subject to ponder! No one could possibly say they wouldn’t change anything. I realize now as I’m older why it was so annoying for adults to give advice when I already knew everything! Ha! Little did I realize I knew nothing. Now I’ve become that annoying adult!

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