Trends you should leave in 2017

Hi beautiful people.

I know I’m very much delayed but HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hope you had a superb festive season. All the best wishes to you. And may all goals be reached for 2018.
As for me, my holiday was very short, I honestly didn’t do much. Anyways this is my 1st post for 2018.

Last year there were quit a few trends that I disliked. Hopefully the following trends will remain in 2017. Never to be repeated. Β Listed below are a few. Enjoy.

Eyebrow trendΒ – I never understood this. Why not leave your eyebrows on fleek, instead of making rediculous patterns.

Crotch-less jeans – Why even bother wearing a jeans? The only person who can pulls this off is Rihanna, lol. She looks good in anything.

Crocs – I never liked Crocs, ever. I know there are people loving it, simple because it’s ‘comfortable’.

Nose hair extensions – Why? Please never do this.

This is all from me.Β Please share your worst trend for 2017.

Till next time.

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