Shadow People – My Story

Hi beauties.

How are you?

This is my first story time and it is based on true events.

‘Shadow People’ do they really exist?

I was still in primary school, can’t exactly remember which grade. So, this was many many years ago.
My parent’s house use to have only 2 bedrooms, my grandma slept in the one room , myself and my parents shared the 2nd room.
My bed was standing opposite the door. When lying in bed, you can see directly across the doorway. And my parents bed was against the wall on the other side of the room, where the light switch was.

Alright, since you now have an idea of the room setting was, my story begins….

Normally I would wake-up during the night only if I need to use the bathroom, like a normal person.

On this one specific night I woke up for no reason, no need to use the bathroom. The bedroom door was closed, room was dark and parents asleep.
I was just laying there, and then…my eye caught something, a dark human-like figure, about 5 feet tall, standing at the door facing me. This was a dark/black figure, I closed my eyes immediately in disbelief. To make sure that I wasn’t imagining things, I opened my eyes a little, just to peek at the door again. And yes, it was still standing there like a statue.

There was no way, I’m standing up in the dark to switch on the lights. Feeling scared, I then called out to my mom, asking her to switch on the light as I wanted to go to the bathroom.

As soon as the lights turned on, I immediately look at the doorway,and there was nothing. Not telling my mom the real reason why I wanted the lights to be on.
So without even going to the bathroom I asked her to switch off the lights.

And guess what, I looked again and there it was standing, the shadow figure.

I eventually fell asleep. And awoke again as the sun began to rise, the room wasn’t so dark, but I could still see the figure, but this time it wasn’t dark, it was lighter, as if the person was disappearing.

When I told my mom about this, she didn’t believe me.

That is my story… I never forgot this experience. Nothing happened to me, but I had questions, like why me? and what was the reason for this ‘person’ visiting me?…

A few years later I discovered the internet ‘Google’, lol. So I googled ‘dark figures’ and it gave a result for ‘shadow people’.

And this was confirmation that I did in fact saw a shadow person. It explains that shadow people normally appears in doorways…!

Have you ever seen a shadow person? Do you believe in the paranormal?

Please share your paranormal experiences.

Hope you enjoyed my story time.
Till next time
Leniq XO

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