Are you ready for Black Friday?


Hi beautiful people.

I am so excited for Black Friday on the 24th Nov 2017. There are still a few days to go. I decided to share some Black Friday shopping tips.

Hope you enjoy. Please feel free to share your tips/tricks… here goes…

  1. Stick to your budget.
  2. Pay cash. Withdraw your cash beforehand and leave your cards at home. This will help you stick to your budget. Also, EFT machines are likely to go offline when its too busy.
  3. Shop online. Avoid the long queues and crowds. 
  4. Be comfortable. If you decide to be brave the crowds wear something comfortable.
  5. Save more for Christmas shopping. Take advantage of black Friday deals and do early Christmas shopping.
  6. Research Retailers. Plan what you want to buy. Then browse the web to find the best deal available.    

And that is it from me. I kept it short.                

Just for fun, I have added my comfortable shopping outfit idea.

Cross-body bag, Longer length t.shirt, Sneakers, Leggings

Enjoy the shopping spree.

Till next time.

Leniq X0

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