Sensitive teeth…Ouch!

This is something I really felt sharing as I know I’m not the only one suffering from tooth sensitivity…So I guess this is a mini review as well.

When I was younger I never had tooth aches, only suffered from ear aches, but anyways… I can’t even remember when exactly it started, but the pain is horrible, it feels like something is pulling your tooth from its flesh or sometimes something cold pressing down on your tooth. Luckily I found what works for me. I’m not a dentist, professional or expert, lol. I’m just sharing.


I decided to try Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief Fluoride Toothpaste as this was the 1st toothpaste that caught my eye in store. To be honest this is the only sensitivity toothpaste I’ve tried, it worked instantly and therefore I’m sticking to it.
I brush my teeth twice a day (sometimes 3 times), in the morning and evening. And I would rinse my mouth after a meal/snack to prevent sensitive pain during the day. I try not to snack in the evening after brushing my teeth, it’s hard but believe me it works. The price ranges between R39 – R45 for 75ml.

Please feel free to share your tips with me.

Till next time

Leniq xo

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