RunwaySale – Secret Sale – What I got

On the 13/10/2017 I purchased from RunwaySale’s secret sale.

Before I start I’ll explain how the secret sale works. Firstly it is 1st come, 1st to pay that applies. Items are priced between R5 – R15. With this sale, you have no idea what you’ll be getting for your money. It is a secret. Each customer is only allowed to place 1 order of 3 items.  Your items are not reserved in the cart. Proof of payment must be sent within 2 hours after placing your order to secure it. With all the rules and traffic on the site at this time, you need to have all you payment and delivery details ready when checking out. Now, remember the sale can start at ANY time of the day, no-one knows exactly when. And it sells out very quickly.

This year I only bagged 1 item, by luck. A shoe for R15.  This can be ANY type of shoe. (slippers, sandles, pumps, boots, sneaker, heels, etc).

Last year I bagged 3 items, I was ready when the sale started.  The dress I received was a black bodycon dress from Salt&Pepper SA, the accessory was a scarf and the shoe was an asics tekkie. I gave the dress to my sister,therefore I dont have a picture.

So, this year I got……drumrole please……………………. a pair of Dr.hart shoes. 

Honestly, not my style. Not too bad for R15 though. Gifted the shoes to my mommy. Better luck next time. Check out Runwaysale they have different sale events daily.

Leniq xo

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