October wish-list


Hi beauties,

I decided to do a wish-list for October. I will do my best to create a monthly list. You will soon realise that I’m a bargain hunter but anyways. Hope you enjoy my list. Here goes, 1st on my list is the…

Mirror tray – A mirror tray to display my perfume, hand lotion, lipsticks and other lady stuff. This for me, adds a feminine and fancy look on a beauty desk.              

Yardley gold metallic – When I saw this lippie at the Yardley event, I knew it’s a must have. I want to try the golden make up look.                                                  

Gosh LumiDrops – Lumidrops is a liquid highlighter.  I never tried laminating make up products before. I’d love to give this a go, for that glowing look. I saw this on the Foschini for Beauty website for only R160.                                                          

Revlon Kiss Balm – I smelled the sample at Foschini, and it was divine. A very fruity smell. I’m definitely buying this. And the fact that it contains SPF 20 is superb. Perfect for those sunny days.                 

Hair Straightener – Mine gave in, so I need a new hair straightener. I hate straightening my hair, but ‘a girl gotta do what a girl’s gotta do’.

Fragrance Candles – I love candles. Mrp Home, is where I purchase most of my candles. The price normally range from R29.99 and it’s a decent size. Haven’t purchased in while though. This is definitely going in my shopping bag.                                       


I don’t think my list is too pricey. Except for the straightener.

Please share your list and thoughts.

Till next time.

Leniq xo

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