Yardley Makeup Look

Hello beautiful people. I decided to do a makeup look with my Yardley goodies. I'm not a make-up expert but I love trying new looks. Whenever I get the opportunity to attend a beauty event, I’m there in a flash, lol. The products that I've used for this look, I received at the Yardley VIB... Continue Reading →


Quick and Affordable Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Hello again. Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and I know there are people out there who have no idea what to do? Not to worry. Below I've listed a few ideas. Not only is it affordable but also romantic and not too much hassles. Remember, Valentine's Day is not about couples, it's all about love. So... Continue Reading →

My Valetine Nails

Hi everyone So I've been thinking what color I should paint my nails for Valentine’s Day. At first I wanted the traditional red and white. But changed my mind at last minute. I decided to go with the Wet n Wild nail polish. Unfortunately the shade name wasn't on the bottle or maybe it's me... Continue Reading →

Liebster Award – My 1st Nomination

Hi beauties, Well ladies and gents, this was a very pleasant surprise. Not something I expected. Thank you so much for nominating me The Fearless Angel, I really do appreciate it. This is my first nomination and it means the world to me. This is definitely the motivation one needs. Please follow The Fearless Angel... Continue Reading →

My Younger Years

Happy February everyone. Finally January is over, I'm so happy. My January was crazy, I tell you. But I'll get into that some other time... It's a new day, it's new month and I'm feeling good :). So recently, I've been thinking what I would do differently if I could turn back the time and... Continue Reading →

Job Interview Tips

Hi beautiful people, How you doing? So, some of us are going back to school, back to work and some still need to ace that interview. I always get a bit nervous when it comes to interviews. But when you're prepared, start your day well and you have confidence, it will end well. Below, I... Continue Reading →

Shadow People – My Story

Hi beauties. How are you? This is my first story time and it is based on true events. 'Shadow People' do they really exist? I was still in primary school, can't exactly remember which grade. So, this was many many years ago. My parent's house use to have only 2 bedrooms, my grandma slept in... Continue Reading →

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